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January 09 2010

Welcome Back, Yeeyan

Yeeyan, a popular online translation collaboration community in China, was back online in yesterday morning, after it was shut down in Nov 30, 2009 by China’s online content regulators. But its domain name changes from Yeeyan.com to Yeeyan.org.

On almost all my list about my favoriate China’s websites, you can find Yeeyan. Since it started in 2006, still a group blog at that time (see our first post on Yeeyan), I kept an eye on its developments. In 2007, Yeeyan becomes an online content collaborative translation community, users can collaboratively translation and publish foreign language articles into Chinese. The translators can also have opportunity to gain financial benefit from the articles translated by them. I think it is the best crowdsourcing website in China.

Yeeyan partnered with both foreign and Chinese media, by translating articles from foreign media into Chinese and publishing on China’s newspaper, magazine and website, it can reward its translators with real money. Yeeyan also translated and published several books by this crowdsourcing model. According to Chen Haozhi, CEO of Yeeyan, some of the translators can get RMB4000 to 6000 a month, and Yeeyan also makes break even.

But partnerships with foreign news media, such as The Guardian, Time Magazine, New York Times, also made troubles to Yeeyan. In Nov 30, Yeeyan was shut down by regulators, because it published news in its website without getting necessary licenses.

Now Yeeyan is back, but the new Yeeyan will focus more on tech, science and business, not on current affairs which might enrage regulators. You cannot find articles from those foreign news media now.
Yeeyan also introduces a pre-publish auditing system, a new translation will only be open to public after it is reviewed manually. The group feature is replaced by a new feature called Project, it also reflect the new Yeeyan tries to strengthen itself on translation collaboration functions, rather than generic social networking.

Anyway, welcome back, Yeeyan. We missed you.

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October 13 2009

Apple Acquired EditGrid?

Apple4us, the leading Chinese blog on Apple, reported that Apple has acquired EditGrid, an online spreadsheets service provider in Hong Kong.

In April 2006, we profiled EditGrid when it just launched public beta test. EditGrid actually is one of my personal favorite Chinese web 2.0 services, since it kept on introducing innovative features and its good user interfaces. In June 2007, EditGrid raised a US$1.25M Series A financing from WI Harper.

David Lee, founder of EditGrid, posted an article on EditGrid’s blog on Sept 24, it may make people suspect it is dying, because it discontinue its customer support for 30 days.

I’m excited to announce that we are making some changes to our business that will allow the EditGrid Team to focus on developing new and exciting web apps. … Effective today all EditGrid.com online services will now be available for free, including our premium subscription services. … in order to focus our resources on new R&D efforts, email and forum user support for EditGrid.com shall be discontinued 30 days from now on 2009-10-24.

In crowded online office service market, EditGrid, as a stand-alone service, has little chance to make a profitable business. I’m not surprised to hear that it is acquired, but I’m surprised to know it is Apple.

Why Apple buy them? EditGrid’s capability on online office apps, esp. online spreadsheet, will strongly enhance the development of Apple’s iwork.com online service.

According to Apple4us, the acquisition is valued between $10m to $30m.

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