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June 17 2010

Tencent to Acquire Comsenz?

There has been rumor on the market that Tencent will invest $10 million into Comsenz, the leading social softwares developer in China since May. It is said the new investment will take over the stakes held by Google China. Today, a report on Sina said Tencent will acquire Comsenz instead of just investment.

Comsenz, well known for its popular BBS software Discuz!, offers free full-range social softwares for hundreds of thousands of China’s small websites, including BBS, CMS, SNS, microblogging and other softwares. Why there are so many small BBS in China, one of the most important reasons is because of Comsenz and its Discuz!.

Why Tencent will be interested in Comsenz? To acquire Comsenz, Tencent can take advantage of broad user base of Comsenz, whose websites can potentially make a large-scale affiliated websites network, covering tens of millions of Chinese netizens. By working closely with Comsenz’s software, it can benefit Tencent’s new search engine Soso.com to compete with Baidu, and build an affiliation network for Tencent’s online ads. For Comsenz, working with Tencent will help to monetize traffics of those small websites.

It is reasonable for Tencent to make such investment. Actually, PHPWind, a head-to-head competitor of Comsenz has been acquired by Alibaba in 2008.

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