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January 09 2010

Hello, This is China Web Radar

Since today, this blog China Web 2.0 Review will be renamed as China Web Radar, the acronym is still CWR, and our domain also change to ChinaWebRadar.com.

China Web 2.0 Review was launched in Nov 2005, when the concept of web 2.0 was becoming hot either in the world or in China. I started this blog in order to make a bridge between China’s startups and overseas English-speaking people. Actually, we not only covers small startups, but also wrote lots of posts on big Internet companies, such as Baidu, Tencent and Sina. The most used tag on the blog is Baidu.

I rename the blog, not because I though web 2.0 is dead, but I thought “web 2.0 review” cannot reflect all the content and the position of the blog. Besides it, the name “China Web 2.0 Review” is not easy to pronounce, is too long. Our old domain name (cwrblog.net) is hard to remember. So I decide to change the name and the domain together.

Thanks for all your supports in last four years. In 2010, I will make more updates on this China Web Radar blog than in last year, hope you will still support us.

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