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Some Stats on Sina Weibo

Sina’s popular Twitter-like microblogging service Sina Weibo (Weibo means microblogging in Chinese) is becoming one of the most exciting product to Sina, and also to China’s app developers. In first China Weibo Developer Conference held in this Tuesday, over 2000 people attended it.

Over the conference, sina announced some stats about Sina Weibo:

  • By October 20,2010, just 14 month after its beta launch on August 28, 2009, Sina Weibo has reached 50 million registered users, and over 25 million updates (tweets) published every day. So far, over 2 billion tweets have been published on Sina Weibo platform.
  • Since its beta launch, Sina Weibo only took 66 days to reach its 1 million-user milestone; and by April 28, 2010, or eight months after launch, it reached 10 million users; then took another four month to reach 30 million users. Just in past 2 months, it got additional 20 million new users. It may be the fastest growing Internet product in China.
  • Currently, each second there are 785 updates on Sina Weibo, among them about 38% are made on mobile devices.
  • Youku, one of partners of Sina Weibo, witnessed its videos play over 1.3 million times on Sina Weibo every day.
  • On July 28, 2010, Sina Weibo opened its platform for apps, there are over 800 applications by now.

To further support Sina Weibo platform, Sina partnered with five top VCs in China, Sequoia, IDG, Innovation Works, Yunfeng Fund, DFJ, to set up a RMB 200 million dedicated fund to invest in Weibo app developers. Sina also launched a new domain Weibo.com.

Although Sina Weibo is a Twitter-like service, it has its own features more suitable to China’s market and Chinese users, such as comments, supporting images, videos, audio, survey and other meta-data for multi-media and multi-format data.

If you want to set up your own weibo, you can also use Xweibo, an open source weibo product from Sina, which can integrated with Sina Weibo smoothly.

Sina Weibo has become a phenomena for Sina and for China’s Internet, how can Sina monetize it? Even Twitter has yet to be proven business model, but Sina’s CEO said, “he hopes the service, Sina Weibo, will one day grow large enough to become the company’s largest source of revenue”.

If you are using Sina Weibo, you can follow me @tangos.

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