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Announcing ChinaMode Winners

After two weeks of public vote, ChinaMode Awards 2009 have received 121446 votes. We are now happy to announce the winners of the first ChinaMode Awards in each 7 categories.


  • Best Internet Applications: Taobao, Google, Baidu;
  • Best User-Experience Applications: Google Chinese search service, Sogou Pinyin Chinese Input Method, Alipay;
  • Most Promising Applications: Google Music, Sina Microblogging, Douban FM;
  • Best Mobile Applications: Mobile QQ, UCWeb, Fetion;
  • Best Overseas Internet Applications: Twitter, GMail, Youtube; (a detailed analysis on this results on Mobinode
  • Tech Person of the Year: Kaifu Lee, Han Han
  • Best BBS/Online Forum: Tianya.cn, Baidu Tieba, Mop

Since ChinaMode Awards are organized by 14 popular tech bloggers in China, it is possible that a high percentage of the voters are regular readers of these blogs, which can not represent the general profile of China’s netizens.

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